About Plum Creek Farms

       Plum Creek Farms is a small, family owned and operated business located just outside of the small community of Burchard, Nebraska.  What began as a weekly farm fresh egg delivery route, has since grown into a local distributer of farm fresh poultry products.


       At Plum Creek Farms, we work with some of  the best local producers to provide free range, farm fresh chicken and eggs to local restaurants, grocery stores and individuals within the state of Nebraska.    


      As Plum Creek Farms has grown over the past few years it has allowed  more family members to become involved.  All of our producers are family members, and grow all of their chickens right here on site at Plum Creek Farms.   

      Being a family owned and operated business has always been important to us.  We all share common goals and values which help us be successful.  


       Our chickens are butchered every Monday, cut up and packaged on Tuesday, and delivered to the restaurants, grocery stores, and individuals on Wednesday.  This ensures that they get the freshest chicken available each week.  


     We take pride in the relationships we build with our customers, its important to us to get to know each and every one personally.