Here at Plum Creek Farms we strive for excellence in every aspect of our business.  We are proud to work within the Plum Creek Farms Family to provide the highest quality chicken available.  All of our producers are members of our family and uphold the same high quality standards for raising and processing chickens  that Plum Creek Farms is known for.  

They all believe that Happy Chickens Make Tasty Chickens!  


Dean & Amy Dvorak

          Dean and Amy  started Plum Creek Farms in 2003, providing farm fresh, free-range chicken eggs to their customers.  Demand quickly grew  from local restaurants and grocery stores, not only for eggs, but also for the chicken itself.   They began small, butchering just 30-40 chickens per week on site at their farm, and selling them to their customers.  Word quickly spread throughout the community of restaurants and grocery stores about the quality of chicken that Plum Creek Farms was providing, and the business quickly began to grow. 

             In 2005, the demand for their chicken was still growing so they decided to make some changes around the farm.   The egg-layer buildings were remodeled and turned into grow buildings for the broilers. This allowed them to quit using the small portable hoop buildings, while at the same time increasing production to keep up with demand. 

            Having family involved in the operation of the business has always been important to Dean and Amy.  As demand continued to grow, they hired their son-in-law Logan Barr in 2011, and shortly after, hired their daughter Cara Jasa, and son Patrick Dvorak to keep up with the expanding work duties and customer base.

            During the past few years Dean and Amy have continued to work at growing their business, and in 2018, the decision was made to convert Plum Creek Farms into a distribution company.   Dean and Amy were able to move off of the farm, turn over control of some of the day-to-day operations, and involve family in the production of chickens for Plum Creek Farms.

         In conjunction with owning and operating Plum Creek Farms, they raise, process, and package chickens for a portion of the year for distribution by Plum Creek Farms.   They are still very much involved in the operation of the farm, but are now able to be involved in other activities and pursue other interests.

Grass Fed Beef

Before chickens,  Dean and Amy operated a small Cow/Calf operation.  Dean still enjoys working with cattle, and is now offering grass fed ground beef for sale through Plum Creek Farms.

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Logan, Olivia, Addison, Aurora, Adriene

3 A Poultry / Little Addie's Egg Farm

         Logan and Olivia Barr, along with their three children, Addison, Aurora and Adrienne, own and operate Little Addie's Egg Farm and 3 A Poultry.  In 2011,  Logan began working for Dean and Amy at Plum Creek Farms, as their first full-time employee.  A few years later, Logan and Olivia took over the egg portion of the business, and in 2015 Little Addie's Egg Farm was born.  The hens of Little Addie's are allowed to roam free (weather permitting).  Each day the eggs are collected, washed, weighed, and packed, all by hand.  They are then stored in a large walk-in cooler until they are delivered by Plum Creek Farms each Wednesday.

            2018 brought a lot of changes for Logan and Olivia.  In addition to purchasing Dean and Amy's home, which is located on site at Plum Creek Farms, they relocated their hens to the farm, making distribution of the eggs easier for everyone.

           As they became more involved in the family business, an opportunity presented itself for them to become  producers for Plum Creek Farms.   For a portion of each year 3 A Poultry raises, processes and packages chickens for distribution by Plum Creek Farms.  Logan and Olivia uphold the same farm management standards and practices that Plum Creek Farms has been known for from the beginning.   

           Logan is currently working for Dean and Amy Dvorak, and operating 3 A Poultry and Little Addie's Egg Farm.  Olivia is a stay-at-home mom, caring for their three children, and helping on the farm and in the office when possible.  


PD's Poultry

Patrick Dvorak is the son of Dean and Amy Dvorak.  He grew up on the farm, and has seen Plum Creek Farms grow and flourish over the years.  After graduating high school in 2014, Patrick decided that he wanted to branch out into other areas of work.  He worked construction, and then decided to follow one of his dreams and become a hunting guide, guiding elk hunts for a part of the year.  While he loves his job as a guide, it does not provide year-round employment.  During the rest of the year, Patrick works on the farm he grew up on, raising and processing outstanding quality chicken.  When the opportunity to become a producer for Plum Creek Farms became available, Patrick, with his knowledge of the process, and commitment to the high standards of farm management expected, was a perfect fit.  PD's Poultry, owned and operated by Patrick, is now one of the producers for Plum Creek Farms.  In addition to running PD's Poultry, Patrick continues to work daily at the farm.